Praguers call their city Mater Urbium – the Mother of Cities – a reference to a time in the 14th century when Prague served as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Architectural treasures like Prague Castle , St Vitus’s Cathedral and The Loreto testify to ... (Read More)
Endlessly portrayed by writers, painters and philosophers, Venice is a canvas for every clichéd fantasy. Almost everyone who is anyone has been there. As a result, Venice can play cultural one-upmanship better than most cities. The Romantics were rewarded with a feeling of having come too ... (Read More)
Layers of History Dublin has been in the news since the 9th century, and while traces of its Viking past have been largely washed away, the city is a living museum of its history since then, with medieval castles and cathedrals on dis­play alongside the architectural splendours of its ... (Read More)
Typically weight intervals are supported by the Body Mass Index (BMI) value, which is derived from the mass (weight) and height of a person. The formula is: BMI = Mass(Kg)/Height(m)^2 = 703* Mass(lb)/Height(in)^2   According to scientists in recent studies, the value 20.85 is the ... (Read More)



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