The best restaurants and the best luxury escorts in Madrid

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Live the life of Madrid, capital of Spain, with our recommendations and discover the best luxury escorts that Sensual Radar has to show you.
Today we travel to Spain and its capital. We travel to a city that make you fall in love, with streets filled with color, luxury and beautiful women. Find your ideal company and join us on this trip.
Madrid, city of the eternal movida madrileña, of the football of stars, of Moncloa and Plaza Cibeles… Madrid, capital of life, of theaters, shows, good restaurants, of the residence of the Kings of Spain and, of course, the city of the best luxury escorts. Haven’t you visited Madrid yet?
Between the center and the small towns that make up the metropolitan area of ​​the Spanish capital, live more than 6 million people (and among them, luxury companions able to show you why you have to visit the Spanish capital!) . It is therefore the third largest city in the European Union, only surpassed by London and Paris.

But let yourself be disappointed if you think you will only find skyscrapers in Madrid and a metropolis clinging only to modernity and purely urban life. Madrid breathes movement at all times due not only to its population density but to being widely visited by thousands of tourists every day. But from the end of each afternoon, this movement becomes pure life, with meetings between friends in the squares, in the cafes, in the restaurants and in the enormous and diverse gardens that compose the capital of Spain. Did you know that Madrid is on the list of 12 greenest cities in Europe?
Despite all this, whenever we remember Spain, it is practically impossible not to think of bullfighting, flamenco and an amazing gastronomy.

(From now on, when you enter the offer presented by Sensual Radar, you will also remember the city for the irresistible luxury escorts in Madrid that waits you.) But let's leave the bullfighting tradition and flamenco for another time and focus on one of the main reasons of those who visit the Spanish capital: gastronomy. Gone is the time where the dishes from Spain were "all based on fried food". Today, it is difficult to choose the best place to eat. It is much easier to choose the best company (even because that’s why we are here!)
There are foods with special abilities, but knowing how to choose the best restaurant in the city and the best luxury companion may be truly aphrodisiac. We have already pointed out the destiny. Now pick the perfect luxury companion... is in your hands. Sensual Radar presents you the best luxury escorts in Madrid and the ones that most fulfill your requirements. Here, we share places where you can not miss before the perfect night. Restaurants, but mostly, true luxury experiences. After this, we bet that you will be able to perceive the true meaning of the movida madrileña.
1. Santceloni
Going to Madrid and not going to Santceloni is considered as serious as going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. Don’t you believe? And if we tell you this is the 10th year in a row (yes, 10th !) that Santceloni ranks first in the ranking of best restaurants in Madrid by the culinary critic of ABC? "Sensational", "Perfect" or "The gastronomic experience of a lifetime" are some of the many reviews to an icon of the Spanish capital. If you are looking for a luxury night with a special company you have to start here.
2. La Candela Restò

"An authentic explosion of flavor" is how many of those who have visited La Candela Restò describe the sensations of a dinner in one of the most requested and sophisticated restaurants of the Spanish capital. The exquisite dishes, which combine the best of gourmet food with the delicacies of Iberian flavors, and the selective atmosphere open the appetite for an equally luxurious evening.
3. Diverxo

Imagine merging the best of Mediterranean cuisine with the unmistakable flavors of Chinese cuisine. Welcome to DiverXo. Bold, creative, amazing… that’s how we could  describe the kitchen and the concept of Diverxo. A restaurant with dishes and experiences able to open wings to the imagination for an unforgettable night. Nothing you've ever tasted in any other restaurant in the world will equal the experience that an evening here can provide you. Bring the perfect company with you. Madrid will not be the same in your eyes after this.
4. Dstage

In the center of one of Madrid's most iconic and well-known neighborhoods - Chueca - the doors to one of the Michelin Guide's two star restaurants (yes, two! In a record time!). The person responsable for that , and for a dinner that promises to be unequaled, is called Diego Guerrero and has become one of the major landmarks of gastronomy in Madrid. An experience that promises to sharpen and test all your senses ... "a luxury that resides in small things, without clichés", as Diego Guerrero presents its concept.
 5. Meson La Mi Venta

What is more truly Spanish in gastronomy than a good ham? But the real ham, not of those that we think are ham and that we buy in supermarkets. As the owners of Meson La Mi Venta describes it "ham, but truly ham." More than conquering by the stomach, this place will make you fall in love just by looking at it. The secret arcades inside the restaurant carry you back in time. The food brings you the best of the typically Spanish flavors, but with a touch of refinement. Improved recipes each new day through over 50 years of history. A fusion of luxury and tradition in a space that undoubtedly deserves a visit with the perfect company when the destination is Madrid.
6. Bodega de los secretos
Even before the dishes arrive, you will be enchanted by the atmosphere and architecture of the space. You will feel immersed in the most remarkable time of Madrid's history when entering the oldest winery in the Spanish capital. Each table is framed in a nook that makes each table in a restaurant closed for you. And as if that were not enough, the letter brings news every day. You will not resist the sirloin or the famous Spanish torus tail. Intimate, magical, secret and romantic, this is the space that will make you dream of the rest of the night.
7. La Tasquita de Enfrente
With more than 50 years of history and based in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city of Madrid, "La Tasquita de Enfrente" has already become a gastronomic reference for those who visit the capital of Spain. It is one of the mandatory stops according to the Michellin Guide and has already been honored by several other international guides, including the New York Times. What reasons do you need more to visit the delicacies made by the hands and the genius of Juanjo Lopez?
Here you have great suggestions for your early evening, but the best suggestions we can give you to enjoy the Spanish capital are in Sensual Radar, in the company of the best luxury escorts in Madrid.



Vizual Lover

Vizual Lover

Adorei o Meson La Mi Venta, bom ambiente, boa comida excelente decoração...recomendo vivamente!
Não menos importante, primam pela discrição o que o torna a minha primeira escolha sempre que vou a Madrid.



This was a perfect end to our days in Madrid, me and my wife, we loved the meal and the experience at Santceloni - definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to experience high end dining, service and a beautiful space. Loved it.



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