What is the Ideal Weight for Women?

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Typically weight intervals are supported by the Body Mass Index (BMI) value, which is derived from the mass (weight) and height of a person.

The formula is: BMI = Mass(Kg)/Height(m)^2 = 703* Mass(lb)/Height(in)^2
According to scientists in recent studies, the value 20.85 is the ultimate body mass index for a woman to attract men, but very few celebrities, match up the magic number. For instance, Victoria Beckham (17.5) and Elizabeth Hurley (16) don't come anywhere near.
The BMI provides a great paradigm to understand and estimate the risk factors for health problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) Recommended Healthy BMI Range 18.5 - 25 for both man and woman, although there are many critics about the values that are considered normal (and health institutions use different values in different countries).
The most popular Ranges used (by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) for adults are:
BMI Range Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 -24.9 Normal
25 - 29.9 Overweight
30 & Above Obese
BMI Chart for Adults
This is a graph of BMI categories based on the World Health Organization data. The dashed lines represent subdivisions within a major categorization.
Although the BMI cut-offs are presented with an emphasis on health risk rather than weight, it still the greatest criteria used for ideal Weight predictions.
For a very long time, the ideal human body weight has been a topic of debate. Hundreds of formulas and theories have been invented and put to the test, but the answer is still debatable.
Here is a list of the most popular "ideal weight" formulas for adults (beside the BMI factor):  
We worked hard to did the best classifications based in the recent scientifically studies, anyway if you don’t feel confortable with our classifications, please let us know.



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