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Ah Paris, where the smell of croissants mingles with the perfume exhaled by the heated stone of the Napoleonic buildings of the Champs Elliseés, on one of those rare sunny days that burst through the clouds to light the way to an intricate subway network on a tour with your escort. In the underground, the Parisian catacombs that were created by Louis XVI to find a logistical solution to the mass graves are an ideal place if you want to get creeps and shivers once you see the largest clump of human bonés ever known. Further up, the Trocadéro Square facilitates an unobstructed view of the Tower built by Gustave Eiffel, where escorts can often be seen accompanying their sweated and relaxed clients after a tiring brunch.  

The tongue of temptation

The latin language of the french contributes to an exciting experience to make you scream for more with your escort. As the Merovingian, a villain of a famous sci-fi movie, said, "it feels so good to curse in French!", especially when it involves a glass of Château Lafite, valued at 15,209 euros, being poured on to our chest in a kind of psychological bondage with the escort.

Escorts in sight!

A short journey on the banks of the Seine is a breath of fresh air from the life at the office and one where we can, in the company of our escort, visit the bridge that once guarded the hopes of travelers, couples, believers and others engaged in a promise locked in a metal lock. Notre Dame, the famous cathedral with its colorful stained glass casts variations on the tonality of the skins of sinners who kneel to confess, whispering their worldly sins.
The Arc de Triomphe is the heart of the city, where sliding metal beasts on wheels round up (many of them of French brand) in a circular ring where it is forbidden to stop even after an accident, while Versailles, the Grand Palais or Sacré-Coeur transport us to the medieval past and modern age, where escorts took care of saturated husbands and soldiers in ecstasy for returning home for centuries.

Parisien Culture

A stunning collection of works of art can also be found at the Pompidou, with works by Picasso, Degas, Klein or Duchamp, among other champions of the painted expression. Paris shows us that a cultural mix can always facilitate the exchange of culture, but also that the suburbs have secrets that help other… kinds of exchanges.

Paris – the Capital of Pleasure

For the mingling aficcionados who know what they want, Paris provides peepshows, stripclubs and massage parlors where escorts relieve the tensions of executives after their trip in a hot bath and a relaxing back massage. The mix of nationalities residing in Paris is well represented by Parisian escorts, so variety and different styles are fairly easy to find.

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