Escorts of Berlin

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Apart from one of the most multicultural cities in Europe, Berlin established itself after the fall of the wall in 1989 and German reunification of 1990 as one of the most important metropolises in areas such as art, technology, innovation and media. Its economy is based on the service industries and cutting-edge technology. The capital of Germany is also the main focus of Europe's political, cultural and scientific terrain, standing out as the most popular tourist destinations and cities with the highest quality of life, in addition to accounting for an estimated population of 6 million. Individuals in its metropolitan area, 3.5 million of whom live in the city registered.

The city of Berlin is also a capital of the world's escorts, where its diversity blends vibrantly in its exciting nightlife culture and the escort is a respected and usual profession. Berghain is its most renowned club, where entry is infamous by its selective criteria, despite its notorious 'dark room' being where anything can happen, while clubs Tresor, E-Werk and Watergate facilitate a sensual breakdown so Desired by many when they go on vacation. But we also have KitKatClub, a nightlife establishment famous for its sexually uninhibited parties full of escorts. After the fall of the wall, many of the buildings of the Mitte area were illegally occupied, becoming meccas for underground initiatives, dissident meetings and concentrations of escorts.

The prestigious Berlinale, Berlin's international film festival, now has about 500,000 admissions and is considered the most crowded public festival in the world. Other cultural initiatives include the Karneval der Kulturen, a multi-ethnic stop celebrated every weekend at Pentecost and in which the accompanying persons enjoy high prestige and activity; The Berliner Festspiele which includes the JazzFest Berlin festival; Or one of several technology and media art conferences and festivals such as the Transmediale or the Chaos Communication Congress. In addition to numerous musical events, Berlin's New Year's Eve is attended by millions of people who take advantage of the occasion for an excessive use of fireworks and champagne. The escorts become the best solution for many of these occasions, as well as being known as intimate connoisseurs of the typical Currywurst sausage, a local delicacy that crosses German cuisine with the highly spiced recipes brought by Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants. Precisely because Berlin is a city with a strong presence of immigrant cultures, since about half of its population comes from other countries, there is no typical dish of the city and there is a great variation between gastronomic offerings, including Nordic, Latin, Asian Or African, among others. Of these we can mention the doner kebab, the Berlin Donut Pfannkuchen, the vegetarian, Latin or oriental cuisine.

It is not uncommon to find chaperons on a visit to the center, being easily recognizable on the famous Potsdamer Platz or Berlin Tiergarten, among other places. If she keeps an image of the German escorts as only tall blond women, be deceived, for the escorts of the German capital arise from all the origins, sizes and shapes that arrive to satisfy the most intimate desires of the visiting tourists, who can thus see His own Currywurst at risk of taking a crack when distracted. Jokes aside, Berlin facilitates a fun-filled city tour with your favorite escort, and you can take advantage of the relaxed moments for a stroll through the Brandenburg Gate or moments of excitement for a radical visit to Funkturm Berlin, the city's famous radio tower, Taking the opportunity to have lunch with your escort at a height of 55m and take your latté 150m off the ground after or before our escorts take you out of the clouds.




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