High Class Escort in Dublin a Breath of Fresh Air

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Layers of History

Dublin has been in the news since the 9th century, and while traces of its Viking past have been largely washed away, the city is a living museum of its history since then, with medieval castles and cathedrals on dis­play alongside the architectural splendours of its 18th-century heyday, when Dublin was the most handsome Georgian city of the British Empire and a fine reflection of the aspirations of its most privileged burghers. How power was wrested from their hands is another story, and you’ll learn that one in its museums and on its walking tours.

Personality Goes a Long Way in High Class Escort

Even Dubliners will admit that theirs isn’t the most beautiful city in the world, telling you that pretty things are as easy to like as they are to forget…before showing you the showstopper Georgian bits to prove that Dublin has a fine line in sophisticated elegance. Their beloved capital, about which they can be brutally unsentimental, has personality, which is much more important and lasts far longer. Garrulous, amiable and witty, Dubliners at their ease are the greatest hosts of all, a charismatic bunch whose soul and sociability are so compelling and infec­tious that you mightn’t ever want to leave. Please you are in heaven, taste the High Class Escorts.

A Few Scoops with High Class Escorts

To experience High Class Escorts Dubliners at their most com­fortable and convivial, you’ll have to spend some time in a pub. Dublin’s relationship with alcohol is complex and conflicted, but at its very best, a night out in the pub remains the city’s favourite social lubricant and one of the most memorable experiences of a visit to Ireland. Everyone has their fa­vourite pub: for some it’s a never-changing traditional haunt; for others, it’s wherever the beautiful people are currently at. Either way, you’ll have over 1000 to choose from.

All the World Is Dublin

Dublin may be a small capital, but its cosmopolitan bone fides have been firmly established. Beyond its impressive collection of museums and galleries, and its choice of food from all four corners of the globe – in both restaurant and market form – this is a city that conspicuously embraces diversity and has been transformed by two decades of multiculturalism. It used to be said that ‘real’ Dubs had to be born within the canals like their parents and grandparents before them: these days, you’re as likely to meet a High Class Escort Dub whose parents were born in Warsaw, Lagos or Beijing.

Dublin’s Top 10

Visit a Dublin Pub with a High Class Escort
1 A good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub’, mused Leopold Bloom in James Joyce’s Ulysses. A conundrum, given there’s at least one on every street, but the answer is simple: go into each one you find. A hundred years later, the alpha and omega of all social life in Dublin remains the bar. There are over 1000, from traditional boozers like Kehoe’s to the trendiest watering holes. It’s where you’ll meet Dubliners at their convivial, don`t Forget to search your High Class Escort, easy-going best and get a sense of what makes this city tick.
Trinity College
2 Since its foundation in 1592, Trinity College has become one of the world’s most famous universities; it’s the alma mater of Swift, Wilde and Beckett, and the home of the world’s most famous illuminated Gospel, the Book of Kells. Its 16 hectares are an oasis of aesthetic elegance, its cobbled quadrangles lined with handsome neoclassical buildings that lend an air of magisterial calm to the cam­pus, evident as soon as you walk through Front Arch.
Dublin City Gallery – The Hugh Lane
3 The Hugh Lane Hanging on the walls of a magnificent Georgian pile is arguably the city’s finest collection of modern and contempo­rary art, which runs the gamut from Im­pressionist masterpieces (Degas, Monet, Manet et al) to Irish artists such as Dorothy Cross and Sean Scully. The gallery’s extra-special treat is Dublin-born Francis Bacon’s actual London studio, brought over piece by piece and painstakingly reassembled in all its glorious mess.
National Museum of Ireland
4 The artefacts of a nation are to be found in this eminent institution, which opened in 1890 with a fine collec­tion of coins, medals and ‘significant Irish antiquities’. The collection has grown significantly since then, and now num­bers in excess of four million objects split across three separate museum buildings, including prehistoric archaeological finds and Celtic and medieval treasures, an ex­tensive folklore collection, and the stuffed beasts and skeletons of the natural history section.
Kilmainham Gaol
5 Ireland’s struggle for independence was a bloody and tempestuous jour­ney, and this forbidding prison played a role in it for nearly 150 years. Unoccupied since 1924, it is now a museum with an enthralling exhibit on the history of Irish nationalism. The guided tour of its grim cells and corridors is highly memorable and it finishes in the yard where the leaders of the failed 1916 Easter Rising were executed.
Dining Scene with a High Class Escort
6 Unthinkable less than two decades ago, but Dublin’s foodie scene is now one of the city’s major highlights. There are restaurants to suit every taste and budget, but the most interesting ones are the places – like 101 Talbot – that are experimenting with the basic ingredients of Irish cuisine and transforming them into ‘Modern Irish’, a catholic style that absorbs influences from virtually every other cuisine in the world. Visit with your High Class Escort.
Guinness Storehouse
7 One of the world’s most famous beer brands is Guinness, as inextricably linked with Dublin as James Joyce and… no, we can’t think of anything else. An old fermentation plant in the St James’s Gate Brewery has been converted into a seven-storey museum devoted to the beer, the company’s history, how the beer is made and how it became the brand it is today. The top floor is an atrium bar, where you put the theory to the test and drink a pint with an Luxury Escort.
St Stephen’s Green
8 Dublin is blessed with green spaces, but none is so popular or so beloved by its citizens than St Stephen’s Green, the main entrance to which is through an arch at the southern end of Grafton St. When the sun burns through the cloud cover virtually every blade of grass is occupied, by students, lovers, and workers on a break. Many a business meeting is conducted along its pathways, which run by flower gardens, playgrounds and old Victorian bandstands.
Chester Beatty Library
9 Alfred Chester Beatty was a mining magnate with exceedingly good taste, and the fruit of his aesthetic sensi­bility is gathered in this remarkable mu­seum. Books, manuscripts and scrolls were his particular love, and his collec­tion includes one of the world’s finest gathering of Qu’rans (example pictured), the finest collection of Chinese jade books in existence, and some of the ear­liest biblical parchments ever found. The remainder of the collection is fleshed out with tablets, paintings, furniture and other beautiful objets d’art.
National Gallery
10 The state’s art collection is an impressive one, a history of art spread across six centuries and 54 separate galleries, which have just been given a major spruce-up. The marquee names include Goya, Caravaggio and Van Gogh, but no less impressive are the paintings by luminaries like Orpen, Reynolds and Van Dongen. Don’t miss the Jack B Yeats room; as you find your way there, you’ll pass the odd Rembrandt, Velázquez and Vermeer.
For such an ancient town, Dublin does a pretty good job of not showing its age. This is a town where you can find history at every turn, whether it be down winding Georgian alleyways, in the crypts of ancient Medieval churches, or even in the timeworn snugs of its storied old pubs. Much about Dublin has changed enormously over the past couple of decades, and it now feels as much like a cosmopolitan European city as it does merely the capital of Ireland. Entire districts have been transformed almost out of recognition for anybody who might have visited here, say, 20 or 30 years ago. But some things don`t change. Many of these favorite moments will feel as permanent for lovers of this captivating old town as they ever were.


Dublin é um excelente destino de viagem para uma escapadinha de fim-de-semana, há muitas razões para visitar Dublin e, as mais importantes estão aqui. Dublin é uma bela cidade para se explorar a pé. Se for com a companhia de uma acompanhante de luxo, muito melhor.



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