Intermittent fasting remedy for weight loss

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Five years ago, the idea of ​​skipping meals seemed crazy. Now it has become a very popular approach as a remedy for weight loss. Intermittent fasting or intermittent dieting, eating at well spaced intervals - not only is not harmful to you, but can lower glucose levels and insulin resistance and reduce risks of inflammation that lead to cardiovascular disease.
The theories are many, but some experts believe that intermittent fasting puts their cells under a light stress level, strengthening them deeply and making them more resistant to disease.

... and that's not all, as far as intermittent fasting

Studies suggest that intermittent fasting makes you hold more muscles and lose more fat than other diets, it's a weight loss remedy. That's because after about 12 hours without food, you run out of energy from carbohydrates and start burning the stored fat.
The intermittent diet works primarily on reducing abdominal fat, decreasing the size and proliferation of fat cells.
Intermittent fasting is not calorie deprivation, but a different division of them, than the one you're accustomed to - the standard with three meals plus snacks, said to be incompatible with the way we evolved, since we no longer live in a time when that food is sporadic and it is necessary to eat what little you can find of so many in so many hours.
Remedy to slim down this intermittent diet? At least it leaves us a little freer from calorie counting. That's because you only need to count them on the recommended two days per week for fasting - let's just say 500 calories per day of chicken and vegetables that you choose at what time to eat. On the days of intermittent fasting, you feed normally, without worrying about each bite.

This intermittent fasting needs to be done gradually ...

The change in lifestyle must be accompanied by a professional, because when a great sacrifice or suffering is generated, it will not be sustainable, besides being able to bring other discomforts such as hypoglycemia, nutritional deficiencies, mood alteration, irritability, dizziness, weakness, increased binge eating and weight gain soon after the end of the diet.
The indicated in this remedy to lose weight is always to talk with a nutritionist and keep in mind that the diet should be for a limited time and not a lifestyle.

Try intermittent fasting as a weight loss remedy and draw your own conclusions.

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