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We thought that two things we love could work: sex and travel, so we made this article where we propose a trip around the world with style, facing the liberal couples who need travels for couple, share moments and dreams.

Kiss French (Position of France) Ideal liberal couples

It is one of the most intense. By popular definition, the term refers to a kiss in which the tongues are touched, it is said that it was born during World War II, when the American and British soldiers arrived in the region of Normandy, in the north of France, noticed that the French girls were much more uninhibited and had fewer problems in using their tongues in a passionate kiss.
The truth is that there are records that it was the Romans who started this practice and spread it, but it was the French girls who in recent times, popularized it, a good record for passionate liberal couples.

The Missionary (Position of Germany)

This position is well known, the man stands above the woman, a classic position. For many liberal couples it is a boring position, yet it is one of those that allows more freedom of hands and a lot of friction, which makes the woman's clitoris stimulated.

The Island (Position of Cuba)

The idea is to masturbate the man by placing his penis between her breasts, rubbing and letting him ejaculate. The woman should keep her breasts together, pressing them with her hands, we ensure that no matter how big the breasts they work perfectly, make these trips as a couple and discover Cuba.
We recommend that from time to time stimulate the tip of the penis with the tongue.

Anal Sex (Greece Position) Ideal Travels for Singles

If you want trips for singles this practice was used in pre-Columbian times, when the women were with the period. But it was in Greece where it became popular since the young people were lovers of their teachers, the masters penetrated the students, since they were superior beings. If you are new to this practice we recommend the use of vibration-free dildos that allow your anus to dilate.

Turkish (Position of Turkey)

In this practice your hands remain bound to give and receive pleasure. Take note of what form you will be tied, the most common is the ropes, the belts and the ribbons of dresses. Ask them not to tie you too much, because it can hurt or cut the circulation.
Do not forget that your partner also deserves to receive pleasure while you are receiving, enjoying and giving you oral sex, going crazy, good position for the liberal couples who want to experience bold positions.
Hand Carriage (Thailand Position) Ideal Travels for Couple.
One of the techniques most appreciated by men, the man stands near the bed and the woman sits on the edge. He, on his back, should hug you by the hip with force until reaching the height of the waist. The woman leans on the bed to place her feet at shoulder height. She does not see, but he can contemplate her whole body. To achieve penetration, he needs to bend his legs, embark on these trips for couple.

English (Position of England)

It is a combination of sadomasochism and role-swapping: domineering and dominating. Sales on the eyes and other instruments of bondage can be used. Erotic practices in English take sadistic paths, but there is no physical harm.

Italian (Position of Italy)

This practice is for liberal couples, consists of trying to place the penis in the cavity of the woman's armpit and exercise with the arm the necessary pressure. The position to do it depends on the taste you need is that you are both comfortable. It uses lubricants to make the penis slide better, but a well-shaved armpit helps a lot.

Japanese (Position of Japan)

Travels to couple with healthy spine, try having sex on the floor or on the cushions, with numerous squatting positions. Look for soft cushions or you may end up with multiple burns on the body.

Russian (Position of Russia)

Action of doing a massage in the genital area with the help of an oil. Do not forget to use a good oil so that the massage gives more pleasure, the movements must be delicate, exerting little pressure, this is advised to travel for singles.

Swedish (Position of Sweden)

Masturbate with each other, with your hands or with sex toys, do not forget that you are in the orbit of the liberal couples. Look at your partner in the eye while you masturbate and take time to kiss her, we assure you that this will catch your attention.
After this trip you need more literature, you can not lose Acronyms and Terminology
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