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New York City is a standout amongst the most energizing and element urban areas on the planet. A tad bit saucy, with a dash of risk and loads of heart. 8.5 million individuals pressed onto an in vogue little island - how might you not love this place? On the off chance that you are a guest to the Big Apple with your dominatrix escort, a portion of the must-see attractions include several iconic destinations such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Rockefeller Center, or the world famous Times Square. It is no news that NYC is one of the most central business destinations of the world, where sassy executives frequently travel to from all around the world, business or leisure wise, to mingle with friends, family and, you guessed it, escorts. What you might not know is that New York is also a famous sex destination, packed with high-end escort services and backrooms, an intricate maze of clubs to get lost in with your whatever-gender escort and be dazzled with the post-modern fast life of NYC’s multicultural inhabitants.
With a collection of museums to make most capitals cry for, USA’s business headquarters attracts all sorts of art fans, craving to see their aesthetic and abstract needs defied and rewritten according to the latest trends set by the locals (and Internet), ranging from the most mainstream, plastic artists to the genuine meaning-seeker creators, to the spiritual urban psychedelic gurus that shake your very foundations and interpretations of life itself with a panoramic view of the uptown concrete jungle, or the dry and uptight conventional gatekeepers that would fight Andy Warhol with their bare hands if they were given the chance. All of this makes for an interesting after-lunch conversation over an espresso with a sex-hungry, punish begging escort at one of those hipster safe heaven cafes with tiny air cleaning plants and retro light bulbs. But art doesn’t satisfy our most basic needs like a Jadda Smith look-alike escort touching you under the table…

It’s in these streets where the cliché expression “the magic happens” probably popped up in some over-caffeinated trend setter’s eureka-like moment, maybe using it to compensate for the lack of sex in the personal life of a writer on the look-out for fresh ways to describe one of the most over-used geographical icons in the media. Probably, such “nerd” (he would prefer the term “geek”) never heard of a recent study describing that there are more single women in New York once compared to the total number of single men who reside here. That’s a lot of ladies to show you around, granted, but you don’t need a total stranger for you to have sex in NYC. A quite insightful poll by Time Out shows you some jaw dropping statistics that would make Hugh Heffner blush of embarrassment: 50% of people working at the city have had sex with a colleague, 26% of people have had group sex, most with just one extra playmate, and 16% had intercourse with an admirable five-plus count. That’s 1.360.000 people involved in ménage-a-cinq scenarios in New York alone. You naughty knickerbockers, you…

Money never sleeps, and so doesn’t the biggest financial center in the US. Nor do the escorts when there’s so much fun to be made and tired husbands to be satisfied. At the end of the day, a ‘normal’ hard-working person just wants to escape the dullness of routine and forget the stoic long term compensation of most professions. Escorts, on the other hand, aren’t machines as you and I. Escorts are escorts. Escorts live for and make their life out of life’s delicacies. These highly sought escort professionals can be found hiding in plain sight to settle your thirst to see your American Dreams come true.    


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