Prague The Mother of Cities with a High Class Escort

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Praguers call their city Mater Urbium – the Mother of Cities – a reference to a time in the 14th century when Prague served as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Architectural treasures like Prague Castle , St Vitus’s Cathedral and The Loreto testify to that former grandeur. But Prague is more than pretty buildings. The city of Dvořák, Kafka, Bedřich Smetana and Václav Havel still throbs with culture, music, literature, theatre – and intrigue. All who visit are bewitched by the spires and the cobbles, the shadows and the tiny lanes of the most enchanting city in Central Europe, please don`t Forget to check Prague Luxury Escorts in our site, and makes your visit unforgettable.


Prague has one of the world’s most pristine and varied cityscapes, encompassing Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Cubist and ultra-modern buildings. The centre of Prague is essentially a Gothic city with a Baroque face. Nearly all of its numerous churches were either built or remodelled during the Baroque period, and many of the original Gothic houses were given a new Baroque facade in the frenetic period of building and reconstruction initiated by the Habsburgs in the 17th century. And if the centre has a Baroque appearance, visitors who venture slightly further out might be surprised to find that Prague has some of the best examples of early 20th-century Modernist architecture of any European city.

Climate stay warm with a High Class Escort

As a landlocked country in Central Europe, Prague tends to see continental weather patterns springing from Russia, but can also experience mild, wet weather from the Atlantic. Winters are on the whole cold and wet, but it can stay dry and clear for long spells. When the wind blows from Russia, it can be extremely cold. Summers are warm but rainy. June and July are two of the rainiest months of the year, while spring and autumn are marked by changeable weather. Bring a mac or umbrella just in case.
Getting around with a Luxury Escort
The historic areas of Prague are compact, making them pleasurable to explore on foot − although the steep lanes or steps that lead up to Prague Castle do require a bit more exertion and a luxury escort as a companion.
Prague’s public transport infrastructure is very good and consists of an integrated transport system that includes the metro (three interconnecting lines), a tram system (31 tram routes), buses, the Petřín funicular and six ferry lines. All services have a common ticketing system, and, in comparison with public transport in many other European cities, prices are surprisingly inexpensive. Taxis are always available but can be a pricey option; choose with care.

Life since the velvet revolution

There have, of course, been many changes since the Velvet Revolution of 1989 for both the city and its people. Although the optimism that followed the revolution has now died down – not least as the Czechs face up to life under capitalism, membership of the European Union (EU) and Nato, and a string of corruption scandals – there is still a sense that the city is rediscovering and reinventing its past.

Sense of identity

Some complain that city life now seems bland and somehow less vital. Feelings inherent in life in one of the smaller EU member states – a sense of powerlessness, that the action is taking place elsewhere – stand in stark contrast to the idealism and activism of intellectual life under the tyranny of Communism. Prague’s days as a European centre of writers and artists have all but vanished too. Meanwhile, the younger generation has grown up with the kinds of freedoms long taken for granted by teenagers in the West, and, naturally enough, has used them to embrace consumerism and a new life style with a presente of sex business turned to High Class Turism with gorgeus Luxury Escorts.

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Without doubt tourism has taken over from industry as the city’s big earner and visitors to Prague are pampered more than ever before. The city is a cultural hotspot: choose from a plethora of classical music − staged in stunning concert halls and an array of beautiful churches, palaces and historic buildings − to a rich repertoire of opera and ballet. Innovative Black Light theatre thrills audiences while Prague’s nightlife scene is flourishing, don`t forget the beautiful girls of prague, you can choose one of high class escorts. All this coupled with a boom in four- and five-star hotels, a growing choice of eating and drinking options and newly renovated museums Prague has most certainly arrived as a main contender in the tourism stakes.


Ambling the labyrinth of lanes that is Staré Město. You’ll discover superb historic buildings, plus interesting little shops that radiate off the beautiful Old Town Square. Be sure to catch the Astronomical Clock as it comes to life every hour on the hour.
Crossing the Charles Bridge as the sun rises. While it’s still free from tourists, explore the canals under the bridge known as Prague’s ‘Little Venice’. Then climb the Old Town Bridge Tower for a bird’s-eye view.
Admiring the views from the Garden of the Ramparts at Prague Castle. The garden’s central terrace offers a breathtaking view over the city. Then further explore the Castle complex, including the pretty Golden Lane and St Vitus’s Cathedral.
Exploring Wenceslas Square for an insight into Czech history. This important landmark has witnessed events from the proclamation of independence to the Velvet Revolution.
Following in the footsteps of Franz Kafka. Pay homage to the writer among the cobbled streets of Josefov, Prague’s Jewish Quarter. Visit the synagogues and a historic cemetery here, and the Franz Kafka Museum across the river.
Taking coffee at one of the city’s historic cafés. The coffee house was one of the great institutions of the interwar First Republic. Seek out the Art Deco Café Slavia – once packed with poets, artists and actors – and still very much in business.
Taking the little funicular to the top of Petřín Hill. From here you can enjoy countrified views and climb even higher by taking the 299 steps up the Observation Tower.
Riding the nostalgic tram No. 91. This old tram runs along a city-centre route from the Transport Museum, taking in a number of sights. The trip (every weekend Apr–mid-Nov) takes about 40 minutes, leaving on the hour.
Boarding a steamboat for a cruise down the Vltava. A river cruise is a fascinating way to see Prague’s diverse architecture from a different perspective. Floating under Charles Bridge, you can fully appreciate what a work of art it is.

So, come visit Prague in a new perspective, by the sweet eyes of a luxury escort.

Prague The Mother of Cities with a High Class Escort



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