The beating of venice's heart through the eyes of a luxury escort

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Endlessly portrayed by writers, painters and philosophers, Venice is a canvas for every clichéd fantasy. Almost everyone who is anyone has been there. As a result, Venice can
play cultural one-upmanship better than most cities. The Romantics were rewarded with a feeling of having come too late to a world too old. The Victorians saw Venice as dying,
while contemporary doom-mongers now seek to bury the city anew. Although entombment by the sea would show symmetry, this resilient city rejects such neat scenarios.

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The only city in the world built entirely on water, Venice is no mere fantasy land, but a very real and extraordinary freeze-frame of glorious history that can uplift the spirit. The city offers a cradle-to-the-grave experience in the best possible taste. You can sleep in Tchaikovsky’s bed or wake up in cavernous apartments that once welcomed princes and doges, Henry James and Hemingway. For romance, you can walk in Casanova’s footsteps; for baroque passion, succumb to a Vivaldi concerto in Chiesa di Santa Maria Formosa, or savour the gondoliers’ songs that inspired Verdi and Wagner. If you are feeling adventurous, bargain in the Rialto with latter-day merchants of Venice, or pick up the cobalt-blue cabbages that sent Elizabeth David into culinary raptures. But if you want a sexual experience why not try the luxury escorts of Venice. Explore the stunning sights of Venice with a personal escort who will show you the city's fascinating past as a major trading post. Get to know the true history of this incredible destination during your trip. You will be guided along the waterways, encountering the Rialto Trade Market, the Fondaco dei Tedeschi luxury store and the former home of Marco Polo.

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If you are feeling contemplative, you can ponder the passing of time with Proust’s ghost in Caffè Florian. If fortunate, you can capture Canaletto’s views with your camera, or see Titian’s painting in the church it was designed for. If gregarious, you can savour the gossip and Martinis at Harry’s Bar, Hemingway’s favourite always with a luxury escort by your side.
For more than a millennium, the Republic of Venice used all its strength to repel unwelcome invaders. Today one of the world’s greatest maritime powers has become one of the world’s greatest tourist attractions. Its sheer uniqueness makes it a wonder of the world.

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Il dolce far niente, or “the sweetness of doing nothing,” has long been an art form in Italy. This is a country in which life’s pleasures are warmly celebrated, not guiltily indulged. Of course, doing “nothing” doesn’t really mean nothing. It means doing things differently: lingering over a glass of wine for the better part of an evening as you watch the sun slowly set; savoring a slow and flirtatious evening passeggiata (stroll) along the main street of a little town; and making a commitment—however temporary—to thinking that there’s nowhere that you have to be next, and no other time but the magical present.

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